Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Free Stamp

Happy Sunday Everyone

I have a new stamp for you, just go to my "free" tab.  This time around you can get a pretty stamp of Tulips.  I know a lot of folks love making Easter cards, and Tulips are always a favorite.  Please, please if you tell your friends, ask them to come here to get their copy as I do this to meet and make new friends and I love seeing what can be done with these stamps.

 photo dds_Tullip2_Display.jpg



Lisbeth K said...

Popped over from The Outlawz, thanks for sharing! Love tulips <3 Hugs from Norway :)

Holly Young said...

Thank you! So pretty!

Līva Kalniņa said...

Hi Judy!
Is this a new stamp - I don't remember it from the store. I think it is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
With love,

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks bunches of tulips, Judy. I love those spring flowers and your image is beautiful.

dr676 said...

Thank you so much. The tulips are beautiful.

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