Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hi Everyone,
I know it's been forever in a day since I've been on blogger, but (in addition to a full plate) I kinda got burned out on card crafting and needed to just walk away for a bit.  Plus, I had some things I needed to focus "fully" on in order to move ahead.  As some of you know I've been trying to build a new career as a dog groomer, which is where 80% off ALL my time has been.   I've been studying like crazy, upgrading my tools (sometimes you're only as good as your tools), and am now working on an album for customers to view at the shop. 
All that being said, here is the start of the (digital) photo album I'm working on.  Thanks for stopping by hand having a looksee.  I'm starting to get that "want to card craft" feeling again, so I'll BBS crafting.
Miss you all, and talk to you soon..  HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

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