Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Extreme Crafting

Where have I been and what have I been up to

My goodness, I hadn't realized it had been so long sense I had been online!  I'm one of those people that get into something 150% until I burn, and move on to the next.  However I do, eventually, make it back around to all my hobbies.

Right after my last post, we began munch needed work on our farm.  We began by moving, and fixing pasture fences, then painted our house, and .....then...... 

This last Christmas I got several things, one a ps4 and new games and like I said "150%", so in part I've been fighting bad guys and trying to save the 

My other gift was redoing, refacing, refixing, (whatever you want to call it) my horse barn.  My hubby calls it "extreme crafting" =)  Below are some photos

I'm not sure what happen to all my before photos, but in this one you can see how badly rusted the stall door is.  The originals were 1/2 doors, and for studs (not my idea).  I think the builder just went for something cheap and I was too busy to worry about it.  Anyway.... 

We lucked out on some cedar to build sliding doors.  My husband is so talented.  I found a photo of a similar design, and this is what he (I did help..a lot!) made.  We had to make a total of five doors.


After (before sealer)

We also got the aluminum bars at a great price as well.  We removed the iron bars and the top and bottom wood planks, drilled holes, and cut the new aluminum bars to size, and re-installed.

First Stall Completed

These next two shots are of us pressure washing the outside, before we put on a water seal.

These last photos are of the barn completed. This first one is before we replaced the old fascia and before the sealer.  Jack (my super duper talented hubby) built these sliding doors when the barn was built...they are awesome to have!

After Sealer

You can see the stall door (with the sealer) on this one.  Sweet!

Right now, I'm in the middle of redesigning my tack room.  Will keep you posted on my progress with some photos to share.  Thanks for stopping by. =)

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