Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pocket Letter from Kimberly

Hey Everybody,

I just received my first pocket letter today, and I just love it!  This one came from Kimberly Brown from justwordz.caI'm totally in love with the color combo, and she has just spoiled me with little goodies throughout.  Plus she wrote me a very sweet and fun letter in the card (center).  I'm tell'n yeah, these pocket letters are more fun than something should be aloud to.  Thanks for stopping by.


 photo kb42115blog.jpg


Christine Thomas said...

These look beautiful luv watching Kimberley on u tube, her colouring is fantastic, just bought my pocket now I have to fill them, have fun.
Chris x

Teresa Arsenault said...

How sweet and what a lovely surprise to find in your mailbox.

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