Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Morning All,

Yay....I'm now an employeed groomer!!  Just about 20 hours a week, but that's okay.  I'm perfectly happy with that.  I just have to go get drug tested.  As long as they don't test for coffee...I'm in  At any rate, I'm tickled pink, and just wanted to share with you.

I'm working on my #2 card, and hope to have it up today, and I hope to be around to leave all of you some love, and hoping all of you are having a great day!



KraftyKoolKat said...

Yippee - Congrats Hun and don't get yourself overworked in this job.


Denise said...

Congrats Judy on the new job as a groomer - enjoy.
Denise xx

Trina said...

Congrats Judy! You are on the blog list at The Outlawz now... Come visit me at Trina Makes Stuff when you get a chance.

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