Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Boy

This was just a test post, but in case you are interested, this is my boy Mr. Bugs, whom I consider one of my best friends.
Mr Bugs&Judy


KraftyKoolKat said...

He is gorgeous and I hope he is fighting fit now bless him.


Sheena said...

Hi Judy!
This is very random but I found your blog via your comment on You were wondering how to fix a misaligned footer and I clicked over to see if you were able to fix it and you were! Could you please share your wisdom? I've got a misaligned post body and I'm wondering if maybe I could fix it the way you fixed your footer. Thanks!

Sarah @ The Blog Guidebook said...

Hi Judy! This is in response to a comment you left at The Blog Guidebook regarding using Pages. You didn't leave any contact info, so I hope you get this. I totally understand what you are saying about finding links. It is also difficult to find links if you like to back-date posts, which I do. In the old interface you could click View Post and you'd get the URL Link immediately. With the new Blogger you have to do a little more work - sadly.
You should be able to find your link in the Pages section of your blog...if you are looking at the inside layout portion of your blog click on Pages...then locate the page you need the link to, click on View. This will bring the actual Page up and you can copy the URL. Hope this helps.
Thank you for adding us to your Favorites list! Feel free to grab one of our buttons to help you remember us! Hugs!

Sarah @ The Blog Guidebook said...

We'd love to know too! Thanks!

MaryH said...

Judy, checked out your My Boy page to see your beautiful friend. Happily noticed it was Lake Park Arena (and while I don't know where the Arena is..Lake Park was DH & my stamping grounds when we were in high school - back in the dark ages!). What fun to see a reminder of our ole city. Our DD has 3 foster greyhounds, and we've always been afraid she'd bring home a horse next! She's always loved horses! (she's tiny, so better to stick with greyhounds). TFS

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